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You know the problem of Chinese New Year and working in the maid industry?

I have too many friends and relatives asking me to recommend a good maid agency to them. As you are probably aware, many of them have problems with their maids, much like you do.

But, truth be told, I dare not recommend any agency to anyone, including the agency I work in. This is a trade involving human beings and there is no perfect human beings. So there is really nothing to recommend.

Then, along comes this friend who is a Life Coach, and she started grilling me with some really tough questions.

“If you were to know which is the best maid agency in Singapore, how would it look like?”

I said I don’t know. As far as I am concerned the best maid agency in Singapore would have 100% matching maids for all their clients without any problems. Maybe a robot maid would do that?!

So, she said, “If you were to guess, it’s just guessing, okay, and you really don’t know, just guess, what would be the best maid agency in Singapore? What do you see on their website? What feedback do they get? Etc.?

Well, I guess, the first thing is that they should have lots and lots of positive feedback. People say good things about them and they should have lots and lots of testimonials. And, they do not appear online to be bashed by tons of people like in a blogspot blog.

Then, she went on to say, “What kind of a good experience would you experience with such an agency? Just imagine it, it is not necessary that you have experienced it. Just imagination will do.”

Okay, I imagine that they are friendly, and they write down my requirements of a maid. I also expect them to screen the potential maids such that they meet my requirements closely.

Moreover, I expect them to be honest with me and provide good after sales service. Even if I want my money back, they are very happy to return the money to me.

They are upfront kind of people and tell me the problems of my maid employment process, if any. They must be the kind that is fair and do not discount me as a customer after I have paid them or asked for a replacement.

And, my friend said, “Well done! Is there a maid agency that you are thinking about when you answered my questions? Note, it is thinking about, you don’t have to know any agency like this.”

I said, as if I will know a maid agency like that.

Then, she changed her tactic, and said, “If you were to take a maid for yourself, which maid agency’s service will you try?”

Of course, it would be my own agency because I can twist my supplier’s arms if it doesn’t work out. Heehee!

“No, no,” she said. “Imagine that you cannot twist any arm whatsoever, where would you go?”

That is a tough question. I will go online and do my research and see what turns up, I guess.

“So, what would be your steps? As in step one, what would you do?”

Right, step one, I will visit the list of accredited maid agencies.
These agencies are accredited by the Consumers Association. So, if their service is not up to par, I can complain about them to the Consumers Association and get my money back. Never lose money to unscrupulous money-faced maid agencies is my motto.

Then, I will go through their websites and evaluate them with my checklist above - lots of positive feedback, testimonials, doing a proper matching of my needs, etc. Just click on the agency names in the list of accredited maid agencies and you will see their websites. I think it is a long list.

“That’s great! Only 2 steps to do? And you can find your maid which won’t give you a headache?” asked my friend.

I said that there is no maid that won’t give you a headache. But, at least, make sure that you can get back your money.

Then, she asked her coaching question again, “based on your gut feel, if you were to try only 1 maid agency out of that long list, which would it be? Remember, it is just a feeling and you are just trying out. No commitment whatsoever. So, there is no risk.”

Okay, okay. You’re still trying to push for a maid agency that I will recommend. Fine!

If I were to get a maid for myself without using my own agency, I will try out the service of the maid agency right at the top of the accreditation list. Their name starts with the number “1″. (It is a weird name I must say.)

“Why is that so?”

Before you even asked me these questions, I was actually doing research and poking my nose around when setting up this blog. I have visited many, many agency websites.

The one I recommended seems to have the “mostest” testimonials of all. And, these are not some flimsy testimonials. These are “industrial” strength kind.

Moreover, I have heard some good things about them. As for bad things, none so far.

Now, I hope you are happy with my recommendation.

“Yes, I am happy,” my friend said with a smile.

Life Coach!  #@$%  ;-)

Disclaimer: You use whatever maid agency at your own risk, including my “researched” recommended agency. I am NOT liable for anything. By the way, I’ve never used them before, but, I recommend them based on what I see on their site and what I heard. And, what I heard may be wrong as well. So, you have been duly informed.

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