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Before you read about Singapore maid agency reviews, it is a good idea to read the page on Singapore maid agency recommendations first. It details the things to watch for when getting a maid.

Firstly, I do NOT recommend any maid agency because one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Sorry, boss, I don’t even recommend my own agency, to be fair.

If you want some background on me, you can read it at Singapore maid blog.

So, what is the purpose of this maid agency review page? Some friends have asked that I scan some agency websites and give them my thoughts about the agency.

To me, this is a dangerous proposition. If I say bad things about the agency, they can sue me. If I say good things about them, other agencies may be unhappy with me.

So, this is what I am going to do.

I will list out the Consumers Association accreditated agencies - you can click here to see the list, and just talk about them in general. (Do note that I’m not saying that these agencies are perfect, use them at your own discretion.)

Click on filtering and choose Storefront (Employment Agency) to have a precise listing.

Point your mouse on the name of the agencies and see whether they have a website. Click on it and read up about them.

At the point of writing, some of the websites are down. But here goes…

1. 1 of the sites has quite a number of testimonials. Not a very professional looking site. The owner seems very “talkative” to me, but they do tell you many things about themselves. Overall, an okay site.

2. 1 of the sites is a very corporate site with an online database to search for maids. Can try typing a few of your criteria and see what comes up. An okay site.

3. Yet another site is actually a subset of maidlibrary (I believe they rent webspace from maidlibrary) and put their maid data online. Worth a scan. An okay site.

4. A different site - a subset of netmaid (similar to maidlibrary above). Again you can search the maids online. An okay site.

5. Interesting. A site that show photos in their training centre. Worth looking at the photos. They even have videos of their training. An interesting site.

6.  1 of the agencies seems to do maids, management consulting and all sorts of recruitment. Not sure if they are really a maid agency. A question mark.

7. Again, quite a few corporate websites. 1 agency seems to have lots of testimonials but when I click on it, I only see “coming soon”. A little disappointed.

8.  Many agencies don’t have a website.

I don’t know how useful this review can be. It’s general for a purpose. But, below are some agencies to stay away from.

Here’s a list of agencies which are not so good as listed in another website. I don’t know the legalities of this listing. Read it at your own discretion.

Here’s a list of agencies under surveillance.

Here’s a list of agencies with revoked license.

Here’s a list of agencies which are unlicensed.

Generally, stay away from the bad agencies, and ask around for a good agency, and you’ll have a better chance in getting a good maid, and less headache.

That’s all for Singapore maid agency reviews.

Update: Read how a friend twisted my arm to reveal “The Only Maid Agency I will Ever Recommend…”

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