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Finally, I’ve got the Singapore maid blog up and running!

I’m quite excited to share some of the information and experience that I’ve had in this industry.

Personally, I’m an executive in this industry for about 7 years and I’m also an employer of about 5 maids over a period of 6 years. So, I’m able to share with you my thoughts, feelings and different point of views on various matters. Most importantly, I hope this information is useful to you, my reader.

In case you’re thinking that this is a commercial blog, it is not. It is a "passion" blog - it is simply a place for me to express my opinions and have a "voice" on the Internet.

I’ll be covering various topics like how to choose the right maid, singapore maid agency reviews, details on the employment process, singapore maid levy and so on.

While it is common for people to rant or complain about various agencies online, I have no intention in taking part in this because this is not a "complaints" blog. It is an "information" blog.

So, please do not post any "complaint" comments here. If you must, complain to the MOM or CASE.

Neither would I be recommending any agencies because this is a people business. People do change over time, and people are the hardest creature on earth to fathom. (Even young children - see how they throw out one old doll after another!)

So how can I be sure that any good agencies that I recommend to you would work out? I don’t. I can only tell you the factors to watch for to increase the likelihood of success when employing a maid.

Without further ado, here’s my writeup on Singapore maid agency recommendations.

With this first post, I hope you’ll enjoy the blog posts that are coming soon.

Thank you for reading.

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