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The Singapore maid levy or Foreign Domestic Worker levy is a necessary “evil” to control the influx of foreign workers into Singapore. [Please see update for 2015 further down.]

Generally,  the levy is $265 per month. However, due to the government’s push for working mothers and other social reasons, a concessionary levy of $170 per month is also given.

The collecting agent is the CPF Board which makes some employers confused. The levy has nothing to do with your CPF. Since the CPF Board has an established “collecting system”, they are just tasked with collecting the maid levy.

Here are some conditions you need to satisfy in order to qualify for a concessionary levy:

1. Your child has to be below 12 and is a Singapore citizen; or

2.  Your parent(s) or grandparent(s) is above 65 and is living with you. He/ she must be a citizen; or

3.  You are above 65; or

4.  You or your family members have disabilities.

Other than the above, you are likely to pay the full normal Singapore maid levy of $265.

Singapore Maid Levy Update for 2015:

Many readers have written to ask about the foreign domestic worker (FDW) levy or maid levy. Despite my busy schedule, I think it is only right that I update this post so that it stays current for 2015.

To recap, the normal maid levy is still $265 per month, and the collecting agent is still the CPF Board. The only change for 2015 is that the concessionary maid levy is now $60 per month and starts in June 2015.

There are also some changes to the conditions of enjoying the concessionary rates. The Government has “widen” the net so that more people can enjoy the rates.

There are 3 main schemes:

- Young child or grandchild scheme
-  Aged person scheme
- Persons with disabilities scheme

1. If the employer’s child or grandchild is below 16 years old, is a Singapore citizen and live in the same address, the employer can enjoy the concessionary rate.

2. If the employer live with an elderly family member (in the same address) who is above 65 years old and is a Singapore citizen, the employer can enjoy the concessionary rate.

3. If the employer or her family member has a disability (defined as needing help in at least 1 basic daily activity like showering, moving, dressing, etc), you can get a levy concession.

The general principles are the person you are claiming the concessionary levy for has to be a Singapore citizen and live in the same address. For the elderly family member, concessionary levy may be allowed if the member is a PR but you have to be a citizen.

Under the disability scheme, if the person has moderate disability, you may claim a concessionary maid levy of $120. Please see Agency for Integrated Care for further details.

Hope this helps. Thank you.

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