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Sorry for the late reply.

Question: Is there any concession for working mother.i am working now.
Answer: The maid levy concession does not specifically cater to working mothers. You can read more here:

Question: Hi i want to take a maid to look after my kids.we are pr. How much is the levy and how much salary need to pay for maid.  i’m PR single mother.. n my daughter also PR (8years old), am i entitle for $60 levy thanks

Answer: The maid levy would be $265/mth. Only young children who are citizens below 16 years old would qualify.
You can read more here:


Hi I am interested in employing a new maid to replace my present one who is going back to get married. However, I have had bad experiences with some agencies before regarding replacement. The present maid’s agencies has also changed some policies and will not guarantee replacement now.

After reading about your agency’s policies in the blog, could you please let me know which agency u are from so that I could get a maid from you.

Your early reply appreciated as my maid will be leaving end of June. Thank you

Answer: I’m sorry. This blog is not for soliciting business. It is just an interest blog for me. You can try the casetrust website for accredited maid agencies.

Thank you.

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