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If you’ve any questions for me, please click on some of the tags to the right-hand side or check out some of the posts for the answers or take a look at “Answers to Your Questions” just under the green banner to your right. Please bear in mind that rules and regulations do change, and anything pertaining to figures/numbers may be outdated by the time you read the posts, but “common sense” information should always be relevant.

If you cannot find the answers, you can click on Comments below and write your questions. Please do not include your personal details like full name, address, NRIC, etc. This is to protect your privacy.

While I cannot guarantee I will be able to reply on a timely basis, I will gather the questions and post the replies in the blog in time to come. I hope you appreciate that I’m doing this as a little contribution to society. Please do not blame me or call me names if I didn’t reply in time. Just like you, I’m also busy, busy. Another disclaimer is that I write what I think is the correct answer, I cannot be responsible for any outcome when you act upon my advice. As always, please seek professional advice before you act or don’t act.

Thank you.

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